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The benefits of LED-lighting are undeniable

For the result of long research and testing,we have accomplished a technical solution model to actualize LED lighting, for which we can give guarantee for six (6) years. The heating control, the right process handling of the LEDs during the whole manufacturing and the advanced technical structure guarantees a long-termed and maintenance-free solution for lightning.

You can enjoy warm and pleasant LED lighting by Candeo Effect ® products now and in the future.

We care about environment!

We want to connive the health of the nature and environment with our actions. The materials used for the LEDs loads nature less than other light sources. Also the making process of LEDs uses less energy.

In our own production, the waste material are reutilizated after recycling. Counseling the right mounting ways to the clients decreases the power consumption of the product. By following these thoughts, by researching and developing even more better ways to process products, we desire to leave the environment and nature healthy to the future generations.