< Interior lightning>

LED Profile

The petite LED profile lights suits perfectly to create the general lightning in the interor design. LED lightment can be inserted in the whole profile or only some part of the profile. You can also attach paintings and curtains with the profile lights.

The brightness of the LED profile lights are adjustable.

  • Profile structure: 20 x 32 mm
  • Brightness adjustment: 0 - 100%
LED spot

Led Spot-lights direct light in the way you want. We have chosen lights with both solid structures with a rotate-mechanism.

There are multiple choises for lights and colours. All light units are brightness adjustable.

  • The power of output light 3200 K=40 lumene, 6000K = 60 lumene
  • Lightness adjustment: 0 - 100 %
  • Power consumption: 2W / light
LED light modules

With the LED light modules you can build a complete light surface of your roof. You can also arrange different compositions by single modules. It is possible to print shapes and pictures in the module, this will emphasize the atmosphere of the room.

LED light modules are ready-to-set elements. We also make tailored LED light modules for different buildings and platforms.

  • Modules are suitable for indoor- and outdoor use as well.
  • Standard sizes: 300 x 300 mm and 500 x 500 mm
  • Brightness adjustment: 20 - 100%
LED embedded lights

LEDs can be embedded in structures as floor, ceilign or wall. These lights finish the interior design. You can adjust the lightness of the lights.

  • Lighness adjustment: 20 - 100%
  • The color temperature scale is 4000 K (neutral), other scales are available by order.